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The Guide to Weight Training

  Ok, so let’s blow this myth straight out of the water. There’s absolutely no reason why women shouldn’t lift weights. It doesn’t have to make you bulky or manly and, in fact, it is an absolutely excellent way to keep in shape, tone up and stay fit. Weight lifting is the buzz word of […]

What Should You Eat After A Workout?

Anyone who is up on their fitness will be aware of the importance of eating healthily, but did you know that the eating part is just as vital as the healthy bit? So, bearing this in mind, what food should you eat post workout and why is it important? When we exercise and do it […]

Time to prepare your body for the summer!

Can you feel it? The sun is popping its head out from the clouds more often, the murky grey has just about disappeared and there’s no longer any need to wrap up quite as warm when you head outside. Changes in the season are most definitely afoot! So, as the temperatures are steadily rising, it […]

Physfit Gym Member Takes Second Place in Strongman Competition 

A serviceman who lost his lower leg, following an accident during a Royal Air Force training session, has taken second place in a Disabled Strongman competition. Physfit’s very own Leigh Bland came second in the Smash PT gym competition which was held for disabled servicemen in Milton Keynes earlier this month. The former RAF engineer, from Sileby, […]

What Should You Wear In The Gym? 

If you’ve made a resolution to hit the gym more, now that the New Year has rolled around, then you might be looking for a new gym wardrobe to give you the motivation to keep going and look good while you do. But, if it’s your first time training regularly, you could be wondering what […]

Physfit Christmas Holiday Dates 

All geared up for Christmas yet? If you’ve been working on your body beautiful for all those Christmas parties, now is the time to really let your hair down and have some fun! We’re feeling very festive here at Physfit and while we’re looking forward to some good times over the holidays, we’re still going […]

10 Reasons to Join Your Local Gym Today

We all know that exercise, when done right, is good for us and health professionals recommend that we do around 2.5 hours of moderate exercise per week. A way to achieve this is by joining a gym and one of the most common times of year for people to do it is in January, when […]

Top reasons you should get fit

We often hear about the fantastic benefits of staying fit and healthy and there are certainly plenty of them about. But, what does being fit mean to you? Does it mean being able to run to the shops or up a flight of stairs without getting breathless? Fit into a size 8, 10 or 12 […]

Get in shape after the summer holidays!

So, you slimmed down to squeeze into that bikini in time for the summer and, when the holidays hit, you took the time to have some much needed fun and relaxation. But, if the party lifestyle left you gaining a couple more pounds than you liked over the last few weeks, perhaps you’re now looking […]