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What Should You Eat After A Workout?

Anyone who is up on their fitness will be aware of the importance of eating healthily, but did you know that the eating part is just as vital as the healthy bit? So, bearing this in mind, what food should you eat post workout and why is it important? When we exercise and do it […]

Time to prepare your body for the summer!

Can you feel it? The sun is popping its head out from the clouds more often, the murky grey has just about disappeared and there’s no longer any need to wrap up quite as warm when you head outside. Changes in the season are most definitely afoot! So, as the temperatures are steadily rising, it […]

Top reasons you should get fit

We often hear about the fantastic benefits of staying fit and healthy and there are certainly plenty of them about. But, what does being fit mean to you? Does it mean being able to run to the shops or up a flight of stairs without getting breathless? Fit into a size 8, 10 or 12 […]

10 Benefits of a Personal Trainer

We all have moments of thinking we should go to the gym or get fit and then that passes for any number of reasons. Stop sounding like a broken record and do it with the help of a personal trainer. They are your secret weapon, your friend, you path to feeling healthier, stronger or fitter. […]