Get in shape after the summer holidays!

So, you slimmed down to squeeze into that bikini in time for the summer and, when the holidays hit, you took the time to have some much needed fun and relaxation.

But, if the party lifestyle left you gaining a couple more pounds than you liked over the last few weeks, perhaps you’re now looking to get in shape after the summer holidays!

There’s no need to fret if you no longer fit into your jeans or you’ve noticed the appearance of a muffin top. Take a look at our top tips to help you look and feel good once more.

Tips to get back in shape

Set yourself a goal – and make it an achievable one, like losing a few pounds. If you tell yourself you want two stone to drop off straight away, then you might be setting yourself up for a fall, so aim for something obtainable and feel good about yourself when you get there.

If weight loss isn’t your thing and you want to focus more on fitness, perhaps there is an event coming up that you could work towards, such as a 5K run? Set a goal, make a realistic plan that you can work to regularly and stick to it.

Keep hydrated – get those toxins flushed out of your system and keep yourself topped up with plenty of water, especially after exercise and during hot weather.

Keep moving – sometimes people wonder why their weight isn’t shifting when they exercise, but it can be that all that is needed is to look at your lifestyle in general. If you have a sedentary job for example and don’t get about much then it can encourage your body to become sluggish and lazy. So every opportunity you can, take the chance to walk around, take the stairs, run for the bus etc.

Hey, good looking – Perhaps invest in some decent workout gear to give yourself some feel good factor while you train and also encourage you to exercise more, so you can wear it!

Join the gym and get a personal trainer

Another good way to get in shape is by having the right kind of motivation. Consider joining a gym or getting a personal trainer which should keep you inspired to carry on as the nights start to pull in and help you keep going all the way until you reach your target and beyond.

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