Top reasons you should get fit

We often hear about the fantastic benefits of staying fit and healthy and there are certainly plenty of them about. But, what does being fit mean to you? Does it mean being able to run to the shops or up a flight of stairs without getting breathless? Fit into a size 8, 10 or 12 dress? Get sick less maybe, or perhaps add some tone and definition to your body?

Whatever your thoughts on getting fit, there are a few things that remain for sure, that it will help you stay healthier, live longer and make you feel a darn site better in yourself too. Keeping fit has a positive effect on us in mind, body and soul, so here are some of the top reasons you should get fit.

• Help you sleep better
• Improve your confidence and self esteem
• Reduce the risk of injury (because being fit makes your body tougher and stronger inside and out)
• Reduce the risk of killer diseases such as cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease
• Lengthen your lifespan
• Boost your mood and ease depression
• Toughen up your immune system
• Improve your focus
• Increase flexibility and strength
• Improve your sex life
• Help you lose weight and maintain your weight
• Improve balance, movement and coordination in your day to day life

Find the time to get fit

It can often be so easy to find excuses not to exercise, such as not having the time or the energy, but with workouts around that only take 10-20 minutes out of your daily schedule, it means that finding the time is now much easier than ever before.

And believe it or not, the whole ‘no energy’ thing is a bit of a vicious circle. Instead of tiring you out, exercise will give your body an energy boost, beating tiredness and fatigue in the long run, and therefore giving you the energy you need to keep going.

So, if you feel too tired to exercise or worry that you can’t find the time to get fit, then just think about all the added perks that come with it.

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