Personal Trainer Quorn

Personal Trainer Quorn

If you are thinking of using a Personal Trainer in Quorn then you could have a number of thoughts and questions in your mind. Am I fit enough to even start? Will it cost a lot? How often do I need to commit? And many more besides. Don’t worry, we have written an article to help you get the facts and to see if a Personal Trainer Quorn is the right thing for you.

Why You Might Need a Personal Trainer

  • You’ve never done any exercise before or even been to a gym – a personal trainer can really help here as they can guide you on how to achieve your aims. People that are new to working out can sometimes lose motivation if they start out on the wrong foot and don’t see results. Make sure this doesn’t happen for you by working with a personal trainer who will identify what will work for you and the best way to achieve it. They can help maximise the time you have available too. 
  • You go to the gym already but you are not seeing the results you want – so you had fitness or a goal in mind and maybe had some good results to start but now you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere? With the best will in the world sometimes you reach your perceived limit or have chosen the wrong type of exercise for what you are trying to achieve. A good personal trainer will rectify that quickly and easily. They are experts in body type and shape and will steer you towards exercise best suited to you. They will guide you on cardio, weight training, and flexibility – choose exercises, weights, reps, and sets that are right for you. Sometimes it can be the most subtle in changes that have the biggest impact.
  •  You can learn the exercises then carry on by yourself – You can of course work with a personal trainer initially to help set up an exercise routine that is right for you. You can then take this and workout on your own until that becomes easily achievable. You can then meet your personal trainer again to gain a new, more challenging set etc. This is a great way to keep costs down to a minimum and works really well if you have good self-motivation. 
  • Having accountability & motivation – one of the biggest keys to having a personal trainer is the accountability and motivation they provide to you. A great personal trainer builds a strong relationship with you and knows what does and, importantly, what doesn’t motivate you. They make you more accountable which is proven to raise results and increase motivation. It is all too easy to sometimes talk yourself in to not having enough time, feeling a little tired etc with your personal trainer this is reduced and you more actively want to get out there and smash it! 
  • To workout safely and reduce the risk of injury – this is one of the most important factors, working out safely. A personal trainer will show you the correct movements, techniques and make sure you don’t overload yourself. It is vital to get this right to prevent injury and strain. Nothing wrong of course with DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) but that is as far as we want you to feel the pain!

How Physfit Gyms Can Help

We have trainers specialising in 1-2-1 training, 2-2-1 training, HIIT, Cardiovascular, Weight/Strength training, Power Lifting, Bodybuilding Coaching, Weight Management, Injury Rehabilitation, Sport specific and Nutrition plans. Above all our trainers are highly qualified and experienced and will work with you safely and effectively.

Start Your Personal Training in Quorn Today!

Here at Physfit Gyms, you have a choice of visiting us onsite out our fantastic gym in Sileby or our personal trainers can come to you in Quorn. There can be a mixture of both if required. We welcome you to get in touch to talk over what we can offer and you don’t even need to know what it is you want before you ring! We are friendly and willing to help you establish what it is you want to gain. Call today or drop in!