The Benefits of Using a Sauna

Benefits of the Sauna

Here at Physfit Gyms we have invested in a well built and comfortable sauna as we recognise the benefits of using a sauna. Our sauna is well kept, clean and a great place to be after a workout or just for relaxation.

5 Reasons to use a Sauna

  • Stronger Immune System – using a sauna has been shown to increase white blood cell production which in turn can help build a stronger immune system
  • Stress Relief – when you are stressed your muscles tighten so using a sauna can really help to release tension. As your muscles warm from the heat of the sauna they will start to relax which in turn gives you a sense of calm and relaxation which can reduce feelings of stress
  • Detoxing – saunas are a great way to help the body detoxify itself. We are exposed to many chemical toxins each and every day like environmental pollution and cleaning products. It is nearly impossible not to be exposed but the good things is the body converts these toxins into substances that are water soluble, which pass through the skin’s pores in sweat. This means sitting in a sauna and literally sweating it out is a great way to detoxify
  • Clearer Skin – Saunas help your skin pores to open up. When sweat starts coming out, it flushes out oil, bacteria, dirt or makeup that has collected in the pores. This can lead to having a clearer complexion as the pores are no longer clogged.
  • Improved Circulation – When heat comes into contact with muscle fibres, it increases blood flow to the muscles. This helps to oxygenate the tissue and also helps push out toxins from the deeper muscle area. 

Using a Sauna after a workout

As we have mentioned above there are many benefits to using a sauna but it is also useful to have a sauna after a workout. As the heat of the sauna helps to relax the muscles it can help to prevent muscle strain and injury. It can also add to feelings of wellbeing through helping oxygenation.

It is also important to remember when working out and when using a sauna (and particularly if doing both) that you drink plenty of water to keep you well hydrated and to help flush out the toxins.

Book Your Sauna Sileby Session Today

If you would like to book as session in our Sauna in Sileby then just let us know. You are welcome to come down and take a look and even look around our gym area. We also offer personal training and have a strong man area so there are lots of things on offer here at Physfit Gyms. You are guaranteed a warm welcome.